Jack and Marie are in their early 60s, married, and have three adult children. Their combined annual income is $450,000 and their investments total $2.4 million, among 11 different accounts with multiple custodians. They are able to save $100,000 annually.

Problems & Concerns:

  • Jack and Marie would like to retire in 3-5 years and maintain their current lifestyle.
  • They have multiple investment providers, which creates an administrative burden. They do not think their accounts are being managed properly, and do not know what the overall performance has been.
  • They have accumulated cash and do not know where to direct their savings.
  • There has been turnover among their assigned advisors and they do not feel they have been provided a proper level of service.
  • They have been placed in products that are not in their best interest, including annuities and other high-fee, illiquid investments which they find difficult to understand.
  • They have realized a considerable amount of taxable gains each year, much of which has been short-term in nature.


  • Their finances have been simplified by consolidating their accounts at a single, low-cost custodian.
  • They now receive a quarterly report that details their overall portfolio performance and holdings.
  • They have a sophisticated wealth management strategy working with a fee-only investment firm.
  • They have a better understanding of the pros and cons of annuities and other illiquid investments.
  • Their tax burden has decreased as a result of a tax-conscience investment strategy.
  • Through a comprehensive financial plan, they are confident that their short-term and long-term goals can be met, and they have a specific roadmap to guide them in retirement.

Ongoing relationship:

  • We meet regularly to review their investments and the progress made towards meeting their unique financial planning goals.
  • Access to our client portal allows them to easily see a consolidated view of their accounts in real time, including performance, asset allocation, and other account details.
  • Our ongoing collaboration with their CPA and attorney ensures a cohesive approach to the management of their overall financial affairs.