Adam and Rachel’s father passed away unexpectedly, which resulted in each of them receiving a large inheritance. Unfortunately, their father’s financial affairs were unorganized and settling the estate was difficult. Adam and Rachel are both busy professionals and had little time to dedicate to research, organize, coordinate, and settle their father’s estate.

Problems & Concerns:

  • Adam and Rachel struggled to understand their father’s various accounts, investment products, and insurance policies.
  • They frequently discovered new assets that they had not been aware of.
  • They were overwhelmed as to how their inherited wealth should be managed.
  • They wanted to continue their father’s philanthropic goals in an organized and tax-efficient manner.


  • We established an online client portal for Adam and Rachel to upload statements and documents as they were found.
  • We created a spreadsheet to itemize the various estate assets, which included the financial institution, valuation of holdings, and tax considerations.
  • We developed a process to prioritize what actions needed to be taken on the various assets, and the corresponding timeline required.
  • We helped them determine what their respective financial goals were, and developed a comprehensive, long-term investment strategy for each of them.
  • We helped them establish a donor-advised fund to continue their father’s philanthropic legacy.

Ongoing Relationship:

  • The burden of organizing and settling their father’s estate was greatly diminished for Adam and Rachel.
  • We worked closely with their attorney to provide information for the 706 filing and settlement of their father’s estate.
  • We continue to meet regularly to review their individual financial plans.
  • The donor-advised fund is operating as intended and they enjoy making charitable donations in their father’s name.