“People should be highly skeptical of anyone’s, including their own, ability to predict the future, and instead pursue strategies that can survive whatever may occur.”

Heritage Update

A Disciplined Process Can Help Manage Volatility

Volatility is an ever-present component of the market. And while volatility can often be disconcerting, implementing a disciplined, rules-based investment program can allow volatility to work for you. At Heritage, we have deliberately engineered an investment process that has enabled our clients to meet their investment goals independent of day-to-day fluctuations in the market.

Doing More For Our Communities

Heritage employees continue to participate in a variety of projects and charities to serve the communities in which we live. The first quarter includes participating in a fishing tournament for the Nova Southeastern University Oceanographic Scholarship Fund. We will also donate handmade blankets, through Project Linus, to the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Snowball Express, which benefits children of our deceased military.

Happy New Year!

The new year is a perfect time to review your investment plan. Have your goals changed? Are you comfortable with the level of risk in your portfolio? Have any life events occurred that affect your plan? Sit down with a financial professional to evaluate your financial road map. It’s the best way to ensure your hard work is allowing you to realize your financial goals.

Employee Profile

Darryl Hinkle, CPA, CFP®

Darryl Hinkle, CPA, CFP®

Wealth Manager

Darryl Hinkle is a portfolio manager at Heritage Investment Group. One of Heritage’s longest-tenured employees, Darryl joined Heritage in 1997. He was previously a senior accountant at Coopers and Lybrand, and in 1979 he and a colleague formed the public accounting firm of Hinkle, Richter & Rhine, where he has been a partner since its inception. Darryl is also a former officer in the US Army and will be participating in an upcoming Honor Flight to visit the war memorials in Washington, DC. Darryl and his wife, Linda, reside in Lighthouse Point and also enjoy visiting their second home in Colorado.